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5 terre panoramica

Today at Cinque Terre I realized that Italian beaches and people are the polar opposite from American beaches. Just about everyone at the beach had swimsuits on or speedos regardless of their body size or shape. It seems that Italians don’t really pay attention to the “skinny is best” type of propaganda that floods United States media. Not only were thin and/or fit Italians wearing small two piece bathing suits or speedos but also people that were not considered to be so thin or have what American media defines as the “best” body.

I suppose family, cultural, and social values outweigh any west influence over an obsession with being always thin and fit. To Italians having a healthy and balanced lifestyle is more important than conforming to an ideal as to what they should look like. Maybe this is something that is taught early in a child’s life and reinforced throughout a person’s life as they grow older through a supportive family relationship and continuous understanding of Italian cultural values.

Or maybe happiness is simply a greater aspiration than superficial qualities and therefore confidence over one’s body is more attainable. I definitely think more emphasis on feeling good about yourself and loving yourself from within comes from a strong foundation of values and support from your family. All these factors then contribute to develop a stronger self-esteem and confidence, which I believe is why Italians are more focused on being happy rather than placing emphasis on their BMI.

Danielle R/96

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