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Posted by angela On August - 28 - 2012 25 Comments

Che cos’è il successo? Come definisce il successo nella società Americana? E in quella Italiana? Qual’è la tua definizione di successo?



What is success? How does American society define success? and in Italy? What is your definition of success?  


Le risposte sono da studenti Italiani e Americani/ Answers come from Italian and American students cat: celebrities

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25 Responses

  1. Giulia C. says:

    In my opinion success is that moment of your life where you’ve reached the top in everything ( like work, school, sport ect. ect.)
    But success is the result of a hard work and faith. Success could even be interpreted as an realization of a big dream …. For example one of my big dreams is to be a singer and if it realizes it’ll be a big success for me . 🙂

  2. Nicolò M. says:

    For what is my personal opinion success it could be many things.
    But i can tell that my big dream would be playing for NBA.
    I always wanted to be a basketball player!
    I hope that in my future my objective will become true.

  3. Dojana says:

    per me successo significa sentirsi realizzati; fissare un obiettivo e raggiungerlo. Per ogni persona il successo è diverso. C’è chi aspira ad avere una carriera brillante, chi aspira ai soldi o chi semplicemente è interessato al benessere della famiglia. Per raggiungerlo ci vuole molta buona volontà e sacrificio. Non occorre cambiare paese per aver successo ma impegnarsi costantemente con tutte le nostre capacità.

  4. Jacopo S. says:

    In my opinion, success means to be proud of ourselves. There are a lot of people that comparate the word “success” with “to be rich”: earn much money is important too and it can make our life easier, but it’s not all. Everyone can be a successful person even being not very rich. For example, a man who has a beautiful family, a good job and good friends could have found the success, while a billionaire but lonely man is still looking for it. So I’m sure that everyone of us can reach the success, but the first condition to do it is to trust in ourselves.

    • Susan says:

      I think what you said is true. Albert Einstein said: “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” I truly believe that money and power can corrupt man’s soul: the more you have the more you want. Just look at the bankers, the financial world and the politicians.

  5. Andrew says:

    Success is everybody’s dream. But what is the key to success? How can you be successful?Success means different things to different people. For some, monetary reward is a measure of success. Yet others have multiple definition of success.We should measure success based on how much we give rather than how much we receive. Fortunately, it also works nicely the other way around since those who give more almost always will also receive.

  6. Danilo Clooney says:

    In my opinion the success is when i will find a good job, will have a family and live a normal life

    • Steve says:

      Finding a good job, and, more importantly, a job that you like, is very important. We spend may hours of our day at work, so people who love their jobs are lucky. Sometimes we tend to think that a good job is a well paid job and a bad job is the one that doesn’t pay well. Maybe we think this way because the common definition of success is connected to the monetary aspect. I also think that a normal life is better than a high profile life: too much stress!

  7. Luca says:

    When you think about the success of the first words that come to mind are: money, power, celebrity … But this is just what is being broadcast on television, but in my opinion the success is the achievement of an objective that brings happiness and pleasure.

    • angie says:

      I agree with you: success has a different meaning for different people and different cultures. In the US, success is tied to money and prestige. Sometimes I think that they think this way because it makes up for their lack of history.

  8. Ad says:

    Success for me is being happy. When you find, in your road,that all what you wanted went well you will be grateful to yourself or to others. It might be elementary as conception but trying to improve yourself to reach the goal happiness is really hard. It is not needful to pleased every single moment because then the objective would lost its sense. But still you should improve yourself despite what other people may think.

  9. Kristine P. says:

    What is the key to success? Many think of America as the “Land of Opportunity,” thus obtaining a good education, being successful in one’s chosen career, having great health, and a happy and perhaps an intact family may be some of the reasons. Asides from all of these factors, I believe we won’t be successful without the challenges that we overcame in the process. Throughout my brief stay here in Italy, I realized that living each day to the fullest and accomplishing little tasks are signs of success. It’s also the people I share such experiences with that make every moment a memorable one!

  10. Jerald Aranas says:

    I think the word success means differently in every single individual. I think American society define success in terms of money and status. Americans are very career oriented and are very driven to achieve everything possible. Money is also connected to success. Some people think the more money you have, the more successful you are. Reality check, money is the driving force for mostly material things like having a new house, a new car etc. For me, success is more than just money and status. Having a good health, attaining happiness, and finishing college are things I value to consider myself successful. Money is necessary to achieve happiness; however, this is not always guaranteed. Sometimes people are so busy with their career that they failed to live their life. They may have all the money but some of them end up living alone. They do not have the time to start a family of their own. This may not be as important to American culture; however, Italian and Filipino cultures are very family-oriented and starting a family is essential. It could be viewed as “failure” not to have a family of your own.

  11. Chris Foley says:

    According to wikipedia:

    “Success might mean, but is not limited to:

    * a level of social status
    * achievement of an objective/goal
    * the opposite of failure”

    Personally, I love the last definition, and I think that Italians might agree with it the most. Success is the opposite of failure. So as long as a person doesn’t view themselves as a failure, then they have succeeded. Italians don’t seem to place a lot of importance on social status (having the most friends, or being a part of a super elite group), but Americans definitely do. They always want to get into the really exclusive clubs, and show everyone that they are the most popular.

    Italians also don’t seem to need to achieve a particular goal. They may focus more on the path rather than the ultimate goal. Even when they are walking the streets, they don’t seem to focus on where they are going, but rather on how they are getting there (enjoying their walk and their surroundings).

    Personally, I define success as being happy where I am. As long as I am continually growing, learning and moving forward, then I feel happy and successful. Va Bene!

  12. Sarah says:

    What is success? Success can means lots of things. For some its money or power and for others it’s happiness or just being able to be the first one in your family to finish college. People want so many things to be successful that it keeps piling up on one another until it tips over and everything comes crashing down. For me I think you need a balance of things and not be greedy by wanting more than you can handle. For me I think its having a strong family bond, happiness and being in good health instead of striving to materialistic goods that in the end mean nothing.

  13. Kiarra Levesque says:

    I think that Americans have a wide scope in their ideas of what a successful individual is. Americans value having money, resources, education, job, power, the ability to be independent and make choices. Family, health and friendship usually are considered factors of success but aren’t central to a successful individual.

    More me personally having strong relationships with my family and friends is important, getting a good education, being healthy. I also think that being able to persue my own goals to be able to do something that I love to do for a job or hobby is important.

  14. Heidi O says:

    For me as an American, success is being able to pursue my dreams or goals. I think of myself as successful, because there are not many things that I have wanted to do that I haven’t been able to do. I can’t think of any future goals of mine that wouldn’t be possible for me to pursue in my current situation, both in terms of gender, socioeconomic status, etc. For me success is associated with freedom. I also feel successful in that there are people who love and care for me in my life. I have loved ones and friends that I am able to turn to in my times of need. Relationships are the other part of success to me.

  15. Lenda says:

    Success for me is similar to a quote by Greg Anderson “Focus on the journey, not the destination”. I feel like success if what you feel after a struggle, a setback, or a barrier to get to your goal. So it’s not just accomplishing that end goal (which changes, one after another), but success is leaping over each struggle along the way. To some, that end goal is living a healthy life, to others it’s money.

    There’s a reason Americans’ definition of success is a lot of times money because especially in America, you need money to get the other things such as health, vacations, etc. In the end it’s a circle, you need one thing to get another and you never truly stay in one state, because there will always be change, and there will always something else to be achieved.

  16. Emmeline says:

    Success in America, generally, is measured in terms of money and status. There are so many people though who define success differently, and America consists of so many cultures that it is hard to generalize. For me, success means enjoying what you do, having a purpose in life, having family and friends, and having accomplished or at least pursued one of your dreams.

  17. Anupama says:

    Success for Americans, in my opinion, is defined by several things. Wealth is definitely one of the top things. However, there are other contributing factors such as education, family, health, love and professional satisfaction. It is interesting to contrast this with the Italian definition of success which is largely defined by wealth, power, family and religion. However, in my culture, a person is considered successful only if he is well educated (i.e; has more than two degrees to his name), and is financially stable.

  18. Nick Kennedy says:

    I think success is happiness. Now since defining one broad term with another doesn’t help I will define happiness. I think happiness is being surrounded by the ones you love, knowing they are happy as well, and knowing at the end of each day that what you did made a difference. I want people to say that their lives were better because I was in them, I affected them in a positive way. If I can do that and be able to share that life with the ones I love then I will be successful.

  19. Mandana Naderi says:

    My definition of success is the ability to achieve any goals you strive for, and being content with that achievement. I personally think that being surrounded my family and friends, having good health, pursuing my goals, and overall being happy with my life is success. Americans define success as having a lot of money, living in a nice neighborhood with a big house and having a stable job. Therefore, it can be said that American success is very materialistic. It is not really based on personal emotions. Many places in the world define success in a spiritual way, which is something I relate to more than in a materialistic sense.

  20. Tammy says:

    I think that the typical American definition of success and my definition of success differ. To me, the american definition is making a good amount of money, and really just being independent and pursuing all of your hopes in life. Whether you do this alone or with others, if you are true to yourself and don’t let others interfere with your plans, then you’ll be considered successful.

    For me, success is defined on the experiences I have and the company I share these experiences with. I would rather sacrifice parts of my career, and then the quality or quantity of ‘things’ I have, to spend quality time with friends and family.

  21. Lola says:

    Success is defined both societally and individually. Additionally, I believe that at the individual level, what we consider as our success changes as we grow.

    As a group, Americans measure their success by thins like money, job status, power (political/social), the property that they own. Things like health and family and love are usually mentioned but tend to be toward the bottom of the list.

    As an individual, I measure my success right now as my ability to complete my undergraduate education and get into medical school. However, I also relate to Kristin in terms of valuing a more balanced life with strong friendships, close family connections, and a healthy body and mind. Thus, I would not consider myself successful if I graduated, got into medical school but had no friends, no free time and never saw my family. It’s all about balance.

  22. Kristin Sankwich says:

    Success can have many definitions depending on who you ask. In American culture success is often measured by the amount of money and material things that you have. However, I personally, gauge sucess by a different standard. The people that I admire are those who have a well balanced life. This means a strong family connection, good relationships, happiness in day to day life, good health, and a career doing something they are passionate about.

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