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Dear Angela,

Thank you for being the most informative professor I have had the fortune of meeting! Your perpetual enthusiasm, cheerfulness, and genuine desire for everyone on this trip to have a wonderful time has been both a gift and a blessing.  I honestly would not have understood even half the importance and significance of the major landmarks, works of art, and meaning of the Italian culture, had you not been there to guide me.   I hope that you never lose sight of the things that bring you most happiness, that you never lose your Italian culture, and I hope that you will be able to visit UW soon so that we may all welcome you with open arms!

To Vicenza:

Thank you for being a most warm and welcome host to my Italian adventures.  Thank you for teaching me the joys of taking a leisurely stroll, reminding me to enjoy delicious gelatos, and giving me plenty of opportunities of immersing myself in Italian culture.  Though there were times that frustrated me, which undoubtedly stemmed from language barriers, these were probably the happiest three weeks I have experienced in these past few years.  Thank you for the fair weather, amiable locals, and breathtaking scenery.  I bid you a bittersweet farewell, and hope that we shall meet again someday.

Dear fellow classmates,

Thank you for being the kindest and most friendly group of people I have met from UW so far.  Meeting you, getting to know you better, and sharing exciting adventures and late night excursions during these three weeks has been a delightful pleasure.  I hope that we shall see each other often during our riposo breaks or at the pizzerias around campus 🙂  May all of your studies never lose intrigue, may you always find happiness even in the pouring Seattle rain, may our paths cross once again in the future, and if they do not, may your choice of path lead you to success and fulfillment!


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