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Valentino was a young patrician born in Terni, a city not far from Rome. He was a Roman and worshipped the pagan gods of Mount Olympus.
When he was 21 he converted to Christianity and left his rich and confortable life to dedicate himself to God. Later he became priest and then bishop. His mission was to help Christian couples to wed so that they could be honored in the eye of God and the husband didn’t have to go to war. This was not accepted by the Roman Emperor Claudio that had him beheaded on the 14th of February 269 (or 273) AD. This version of Velentino’s story is from the Nuremberg Chronicle from 1493
Here is an episode of Valentino’s life depicted by Jacopo Bassano in 1575 and now in the Musei Civici of Bassano.
The painting is about the moment when Valentino meets Lucilla, Officer Nemesio’s daughter. She was blind since the age of 2. After giving her back the gift of sight he converted daughter and father to Christianity. The painting represent the baptism of Lucilla. The two angels are bringing the martyrdom palm to Valentino, as symbolism of his decapitation right after this event. To make the story modern, Jacopo Bassano dressed the characters in contemporary clothes and used as a model for the cross, (the one the boy on the right holds), the famous processional cross in the Cathedral of Bassano del Grappa.

Conclusion: every romantic holiday was created in Italy 😂

San-Valentino-battezza-Santa-Lucilla_imagelargeoverlayBuon San Valentino a tutti!!

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