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In 2012, the famous apparel store Calzedonia chose a song by Italian pop star Fiorella Mannoia as their official Trailer. The ironic part is that in an advertisement that targets young, modern career-oriented women, the company chose a song from 1987. Titled,  “Quello che le donne non dicono” the song describes women, not as they appear,  but through their inner lives, that they often keep to themselves.


Today Fiorella Mannoia is more than sixty years old,  and she is still a favorite of  all ages of Italian women.  Why?  Today I listened to “Quello che le donne non dicono”  and my mind immediately wandered to the Calzedonia ad, because when she first sang this song, I lived in the US, so I had never heard it. Then when I listened carefully to the lyrics, I came to my usual conclusion that any great piece of art survives in time because it speaks directly to the soul.

Fiorella Mannoia recently  won second place in the most famous Italian singing competition, called the Festival di San Remo. Once again, she presented a beautiful song, but the piece in the Calzedonia ad is “un capolavoro di poesia e forza.”

In the video above, you can see the Calzedonia ad with the song’s chorus, and the video below is Fiorella singing the entire song in 2010.   Finally,  there is a version of this cult song presented by 5 of the the most famous Italian women singers who gathered together in a concert to collect funds after the the Abruzzo earthquake.

This version has the words in subtitle, so you can sing along if you like:



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