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Posted by angela On April - 2 - 2014 1 Comment


a question from Chip:

Italian dinners are so long.  When can I leave without being rude?

You remind me of my first Italian dinner as host in the States!  I was teaching at Duke, and I invited some American Colleagues for dinner at my house.

I spent all day preparing the appetizers, main course,  second course, side dish, salad, and desert.  When my guests arrived,  I said hello and then returned to the kitchen to cook the spaghetti.  Then I served everybody and after dinner I went back to the kitchen, to make coffee. When it was finally my time to sit down and enjoy the  conversation, one couple stood up and said: “We should go now; tomorrow we have to work. ”  At this point, one after another they all got up and excused themselves, leaving me alone, staring across the table at my husband!  I thought it was the rudest thing ever, they treated me and my house like a restaurant!

Please, don’t ever do this to any Italian. For us,  dinner is a social event and the pleasure of the host is not only in serving you, but also in talking to you… even if you are boring!



































Text by Angela Migliorati Novek ©2011- all rights reserved


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  1. Hugh says:

    Angela, dinner was awesome and the best part was when you could join us. We will be in Amalfi this summer we will be looking at some property in the south. Best to you and Steve.

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