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My title for this post comes from my son, as we exited the Goldoni Theater and bumped into Toni Servillo. The actor is in Venice this week with his play Le Voci di Dentro by Eduardo De Filippo, and he had just finished a meeting with interested members of the audience.

We had lagged behind, hoping to buy some remaining tickets, and we ran into him as he stepped into a busy thoroughfare clogged with tourists. We refrained from asking for a photo or snapping a selfie, but we chatted briefly with him about Naples and Venice, two cities in which we have lived, and which we love immoderately, just like Mr. Servillo does.

From his words during the interview, we perceived his sincere desire to share with the Venetians his love of their city, but he was thwarted by the fastidious journalist who kept pelting him with prepared questions. Mr. Servillo tried to describe Naples and Venice as different faces of the same precious coin, but that not everyone is able to recognize their great beauty and cultural refinement.

Frequently, foreigners who visit these two museum cities glance hurriedly at the piles of trash, or the dirty streets, or throngs of tourists. In a few brief hours they claim to have captured the essence of the place, and they feel entitled to pass judgement. What I wanted to tell Mr. Servillo and his family was this: early tomorrow morning, take a walk over to Castello, and wander in a deserted section of town. Sit down and breathe in Venice. Then, board a boat for Torcello, and spend the day out in the lagoon. When all the day trippers finally abandon the city, come back and enjoy.

By the way, I know that the Oscar went to Paolo Sorrentino’s film, La Grande Bellezza and not to the actor. But without that actor, I doubt the movie would have won. Tomorrow I’m off to see Le Voci di Dentro; my son already saw it, and labeled it a masterpiece. I trust his opinion.



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