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Posted by angela On August - 30 - 2012 4 Comments

If you have questions or comments about Italian Health Care issues or related topics, as discussed in class, please write them in this Blog.  If you prefer to share a story  or a personal experience, please do.




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  1. Jessica Liu says:

    Q: Italy’s population is shrinking (they have the lowest birth rate in the World according to Dr. Novek). The population has been maintained due to immigrants and children born in Italy to immigrants. My question is, will the Italian government do anything to push their citizens to have children? Will there be incentives (Australia, among other countries, pays women who become pregnant) and will they lessen restrictions on surrogacy and in vitro pregnancies?

    A: Italians are a proud group of people, and if their population continues to drastically decrease, I feel that the government will need to figure out a way to get Italian families to have children.

  2. Elysse Tom says:

    Q: Who deals with ethical issues that arise in the hospital?

    A: Perhaps the family figures it out themselves. In the U.S. some hospitals have a medical ethics committee that will make decisions on very complex cases. In Italy it sounds like the physicians cannot make any life or death decisions regarding a patient.

  3. Elysse Tom says:

    Q: How fast can the Venetian ambulance boats get from one place to to another?

    A: The boats can’t go as fast as ambulance vans but also don’t have as much freeway/stoplight congestion as vans do. Perhaps there are also airlift services for certain emergencies.

  4. lola says:

    Why do Italian’s have such a hard time talking about cancer? Is it just the difficulty of verbalizing the word “cancer” or is it difficult to talk about the disease in general??? Feedback greatly appreciated, I will be discussing this with a few fellow pre-medical students.

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