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Posted by angela On December - 27 - 2012 20 Comments

Are you in Florence? Ask here your cultural questions or write your cultural comments about the city and its people.

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  1. marco g says:

    I went in Florence last summer, i visited very interesting place such as museums, monuments,squares and churces. I think that is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and it attracs a lot of foreign tourists. I think you have to visit it.

  2. Luca says:

    I don’t live in Florence but I visited Florence and is a beautiful city, there are many museums, monuments, churches, squares, etc. and it is a city that attracts more tourism in Italy…

  3. Rona says:

    Do the vendors try and agree on a set price for certain bags so they don’t undermine each other’s prices?

    I think so, because the same bag is always about the same price at many places and no one seems really willing to bargain. However, I think sometimes the occasional vendor is willing to give in, which is good for people like us.

  4. sujinl2 says:

    Where do the vendors get there stuff? Why do they sell the SAME thing everywhere?

    No idea, but it seems like they are part of some organization that mass produces the products that they sell.

  5. Reid Nakagawa says:

    Why is leather such a big deal in Florence? There are tons of shops around town selling various leather products from gloves to bound journals.

    Perhaps Florence had a surplus of cows in the renaissance and decided to do something with them. Why not make fabulous bags and slingbacks? I’m glad they decided to hone the craft of leather working, because if not then we wouldn’t have Gucci or Salvatore Ferragamo.

  6. Tulip says:

    Question: Why do the people selling goods at the market get mad / rude when you don’t buy what they offer you ?
    Answer: because they are desperate to sell

  7. Reid Nakagawa says:

    Why does the Santa Maria Novella pharmacy only have homeopathic remedies advertised/on display? Aside from pill boxes and tea sets, the oldest pharmacy in Italy only has honey, tea, and herbal products for sale.

    Perhaps they wanted to preserve a part of their culture and heritage in this pharmacy and decided to only offer products that one would find back in the old days. I actually bought a bottle of tincture of echinacea and salice composto (salicylic compound) just for the novelty.

  8. Cathy Xu says:

    Question: Why are all of the important buildings in Italy made out of marble?

    Answer: Marble was considered as precious and expensive stone. Italians used it to show status and beauty.

  9. Reid Nakagawa says:

    Why are there so many immigrants in Florence? I don’t mean to sound like a bigot when I ask this, it’s just that Florence has a higher proportion of immigrants than any other Italian city I have been to.

    It’s likely that Italians no longer want to work in touristic settings, making and selling goods to visitors. If this is the case, then there would be a surplus of jobs available, which would be quite attractive to immigrants.

  10. Reid Nakagawa says:

    Why does the inside of the Baslica di Santa Maria del Fiore look so plain in comparison to other catholic churches? It looked very grand on the outside, but the interior failed to deliver.

    Perhaps all of the money and time was spent on the exterior of the church in order to entice the populace into coming to church. The exterior is extremely ornate and beautiful, while they ran out of money when they got to the interior.

  11. Cathy Xu says:

    Question: Why can’t we take pictures in the Accademia?

    Answer: The artwork in the Accademia may be sensitive to light that comes from the flash of the camera.

  12. Reid Nakagawa says:

    Why aren’t there any small bakeries, produce, meat, or cheese shops in Florence? I spent three days in Florence and did not notice any of these types of stores or any supermarkets.

    Real estate in Florence is likely very expensive, and thus small shops like these were probably around in the past, but were driven out by retail stores. I assume that most food shops are located in the periphery of town or even further.

  13. Jessica Liu says:

    Q: How does the Italian government afford the upkeep and maintenance of so many important and historical buildings? In Florence there is the Duomo, Pitti Palace, the Point de Veccio, the Uffitzi Gallery and the David, along with so much more. And that’s just one part of Italy!

    A: Maybe there is a part of the government’s budget set aside for maintenance of the most important artifacts and buildings. Also the money made from ticket entries and tours must go towards preserving history.

  14. A Baer says:

    Why do a lot of people wear clothing with American flags on them?
    Possible answer: a lot of their clothes come from the states.

  15. abmorley says:

    Florence was beautiful. The climb to the Duomo was amazing and at the top I could see there were locks all along the gated railing. What do the locks symbolize?

    The locks symbolize the love between a couple, and they leave the lock there to lock their love.

  16. s.thiederman says:

    In Italy and especially in florence I have seen alot of graffiti in public places as well on statues. What is the punishment for this?
    Is it that the laws are not enforced

  17. Elysse Tom says:

    Q: Why are there so many jewelers on Ponte Vecchio?

    A: Maybe a certain family who ran a jewelry business owned all of the units on the bridge and never sold the property. Maybe it is also a historic site that is protected by the state so no changes can be made to the bridge.

  18. Elysse Tom says:

    Q: Why is Pitti Palace so run down when the rest of Florence is so pretty?

    A: Perhaps the Medici family built this palace when they were going through bankruptcy and didn’t have the funds to decorate the palace.

  19. Chris Foley says:

    Q: Why are there so many street vendors in Florence, way more than I’ve seen in any other city so far?

    A: The city has become well known for trade and commerce to the point that tourists expect to buy goods when they come to Florence. As the demand has risen, the supply had to as well, so more and more street vendors appeared until the city streets were filled with them.

    • Jessica Liu says:

      Q: How did Florence become known for its leather? Do people go to Florence to become apprentices still?

      A: Florence is in the Tuscany region where there is more open land. If farmers had cows to use for leather this is how their trade could have developed.

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