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International Women’s Day is on the 8th of March and it celebrates the commemoration of Women’s Rights and International Peace.
Why do Italians give the Mimosa flower to their women? Well, the Mimosa flower was chosen because of its symbolic meaning: Italy in 1946 was coming out from the destruction of WWII, and the ruined country was trying to find a sense of enthusiasm and optimism.

3 Women, Teresa Mattei, Rita Montagnana and Teresa Noce, part of the UDI (Italian Women’s Union), proposed to celebrate the strength and solidarity of all women as pillars of society. The decision was approved and then the assembly was asked to vote for a flower that best represented the qualities of women.

Among the other flowers there were carnations, anemones (that won second and third prize), but the Mimosa was chosen because of its bright festive yellow color that represents joy, because it blooms in March and doesn’t require much to grow into a big blooming plant, and especially because, like most women, behind its appearance of fragility hides a strong character that can thrive anywhere, even in challanging places.


To celebrate women, Italy could do no less than create a recipe for the occasion. In commemoration of the 8th of March, in Rome in 1950 La Torta Mimosa was first baked.  A delicious cake made of Pan di Spagna (sponge cake) filled with Chantilly Cream and decorated with whipped cream and crumbs of sponge cake.  The Mimosa may not be edible, but here in Italy. . . anything is possible!



text by Angela Migliorati Novek

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