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My first impression of Italy was one that I didn’t expect! After my first stop was in Pisa, I realized that many people were just so laid back and fashionable! I really felt the Artistic feel of the place. The buildings were beyond majestic and breathtaking. It is quite funny though that to tourists, we find the view fascinating, whereas to locals its not the same. I encountered friendly Italians, yet very hold in character. This is not my first time traveling out of the country, but there is something so different about Italy and I am looking forward to enjoying this new cultural experience. In my own words, a traveler can easily have the best of both worlds when exploring new places and ideas. One’s mind may be narrowed due to their focus vein on just one things that they saw that left them curious and eager to learn more about. A broad way of thinking can stem from a person that has many thoughts going on when they travel and their mind continues to wonder and they begin to think more in a broader sense about their own life as a reflection of new found people, places and things


RONA’S Impression

As far as my first experiences in Italy go, I definitely think that I share the same opinion as others when I say that the tiger mosquitoes are truly awful. That aside, I have noticed that Italians are very generous. Maybe we have gotten lucky in the individuals that we have met, but people like Sammy, the lady in the cheese shop, and everyone who works at the hostel front desk are so nice and open. I know that sometimes we think that Italians don’t like Americans or are grumpy a lot of the time, but I’d like to think that most of them can be won over with a few poorly-pronounced Italian phrases, as long as they think you are really trying! I have also noticed (and really enjoyed) that Italians seem to like dogs a lot. There are so many adorable and fluffy dogs here. I wonder if this contributes to their health, because even Italian dogs seem to be slimmer than American ones, which means that their owners must walk them more often, which is also proven by the fact that the streets are always full of people walking with their dogs.

Adrey + dog

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