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Posted by angela On November - 6 - 2011 0 Comment

Dear Mr. Mullenweg:

I have become obsessed with your WordPress.
I don’t understand the logic behind it, but I have persevered in using it, and am now going crazy.
I have (or, to be more precise, had) a Blog, but it disappeared when I tried to apply a “simple” change that one of your webmasters recommended in the magazine Blogger. Simple for whom?

I paid for private lessons in WordPress for nine months: my first teacher made a pass at me with my husband in the next room, while my second teacher emptied my wallet without ever teaching me anything. You can imagine that my husband then forbade me from taking any more lessons. So I signed up for two approved courses that were being given in Venice. The first course was too simple: I already knew everything they explained at a very basic level. The second course explained various functionalities and the CSS, and I quickly became lost. Nevertheless, I tried to apply some of the lessons I had learned.

Now I spend most of my waking hours trying to make changes that I don’t understand, and most of my sleeping time dreaming of the changes I would like to make. Even in vacation!  My frustration brings to mind math lessons in high school, when my teacher Mrs. Fr…… used to say to me, “Angela, I really pity you. You try harder than anyone else in the class, but you just don’t get numbers. Just give it up!” Many years later, when I started teaching at Duke University, I finally realized that I had dyscalculia, but my poor high school math teacher never learned about that, considering that she committed suicide shortly after. Lucky for me, our friends assure me that her despondency wasn’t due to her futile efforts to teach me algebra, but rather to a severe case of depression, for which I bore no responsibility.

So, Mr. Mullenberg, before my health begins to suffer from a coding obsession, may I ask you a question: does the condition of dys-wordpressia exist?

I am looking forward of hearing from you.

Best regards



Text by Angela Migliorati Novek ©2011- all rights reserved

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