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There was a day, not long ago that a girl named Rona disappeared for more then 2 hours during a field trip, in beautiful Padoa. Even though Rona was not a little girl anymore, the teacher got worried because she knew that Rona loved to pet dogs: small dogs, big dogs, ugly dogs, good dogs and mean dogs.

So, when the teacher found the apologetic Rona waiting in front of the botanical garden, with all her limbs and no dog bites, but with a shopping bag full of goodies  she had bought at the market while the class was looking for her, she said: ” Rona, you will write the best post ever for our blog and you will collect 1000 likes for it.”

And now here is the Post:



Rollo il fiero – Lucca



Venetian cat

Venetian Cat



Because a picture is worth 1000 words, Rona is now forgiven, and in her honor I am going to open this page to anyone who would like to contribute to this post called: cats of the world.

You are all invited to send a picture(s) and  less than 140 characters descriptions of your (or any cat) to:


And to make this post, Rona’s best post ever click “like” 1000 times.

Lazy Lucca Cat

Favorite Cat

Adopted Cat


Neapolitan Lucky Cat


Microcephalic Turinese Cat



Sicilian cat





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  1. Seba says:

    Where is Neapolitan lucky cat?

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