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Who takes care of the elderly in Italy?

Posted by angela On May - 3 - 2015 0 Comment

Italy is a very traditional country and part of Italian tradition is taking care of everyone. Nobody get’s left behind, that includes elderly and relatives that may not be able to survive on their own. Based on this, I think that the main care takers for the elderly are family members. Many times it can […]

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First Impression: What I Saw in Italy

Posted by angela On March - 21 - 2015 14 Comments

Gilbert Chesterton wrote: ” I have never managed to lose my old conviction that travel narrows the mind, because a man in his own home is inside all other men. It is a universal experience: He thinks the great thoughts. But a man travelling is amused or appalled by a thousand distractions and trivial things, even […]

My first impression of Italy was one that I didn’t expect! After my first stop was in Pisa, I realized that many people were just so laid back and fashionable! I really felt the Artistic feel of the place. The buildings were beyond majestic and breathtaking. It is quite funny though that to tourists, we […]

Italians: Guido, the Stereotype of Italy

Posted by angela On December - 27 - 2012 0 Comment

If you have never lived in Italy you immediately think of pasta, pizza, Vespas, and a person named Guido. Why?

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Abandoned Babies

Posted by ming113 On September - 14 - 2012 0 Comment

While I was at the women and children shelter with Ariel and Ryan the other day, I saw this sign. It is aimed at helping mothers who feel helpless in caring for their child.

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Il Freccia Argento

Posted by angela On September - 13 - 2012 0 Comment

Il treno da Venezia a Roma unisce due delle più visitate città del mondo. Anche le fermate intermedie sono tutte città d’arte piene di turisti: Padova, Bologna e Firenze. Il Freccia Argento è un bellissimo treno, veloce, confortevole e con un design di grande stile, ma chi ha l’ha progettato si è mai chiesto: “I viaggiatori […]

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He is not Italian, but has a Passion for Life

Posted by angela On November - 22 - 2011 0 Comment

Clothes don’t make the man; or do they?

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Why are Italians pessimistic when it comes to health?

Posted by angela On September - 22 - 2011 0 Comment

What I observed or heard about this week:
Italians are pessimistic when it comes to their health prognosis; i.e., if told they have a few months to live, they don’t fight it but accept it.
This caused me to ask myself or others or explore ideas, places, behaviors, etc
Does this attitude change from generation to generation […]

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