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Today at Cinque Terre I realized that Italian beaches and people are the polar opposite from American beaches. Just about everyone at the beach had swimsuits on or speedos regardless of their body size or shape. It seems that Italians don’t really pay attention to the “skinny is best” type of propaganda that floods United […]

Answer by Behane
I think the Italians value the concept of family as being extended to include cousins, grandparents, and aunts and uncles because individuals in Italy grow up with the presence of an extended family unit. In my experience in America, my family is only my parents and siblings. I have very little family in […]

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Why Are Italian Dinners Are So Long?

Posted by angela On April - 2 - 2014 1 Comment

a question from Chip:

Italian dinners are so long.  When can I leave without being rude?
You remind me of my first Italian dinner as host in the States!  I was teaching at Duke, and I invited some American Colleagues for dinner at my house.
I spent all day preparing the appetizers, main course,  second course, side […]

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Protected: TheDailyQuestion about Italy and Italians

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Posted by angela On December - 27 - 2012 20 Comments

Are you in Florence? Ask here your cultural questions or write your cultural comments about the city and its people.

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Knock with your feet

Posted by angela On December - 11 - 2012 3 Comments

My landlord invited us to lunch and didn’t want us to bring any food to share. But the Italian guests..

Why do Italian smoke so much?

Posted by angela On November - 9 - 2012 0 Comment

The very first thing I observed since I got to Italy was the number of smokers. Everywhere, I go people are smoking; teens, adults, elders, male or/and female. It was shocking to see that many people smoke. Italians are known for their Mediterranean diet and healthy living. Also, Italians care very much about their physical […]


Posted by angela On August - 30 - 2012 4 Comments

If you have questions or comments about Italian Health Care issues or related topics, as discussed in class, please write them in this Blog.  If you prefer to share a story  or a personal experience, please do.

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