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English Grammar:  listen carefully to the dialogue between The First Lady and Ellen Degeneres and then fill the blanks with can, do or can do



Ellen: How many push-ups _________________ you do? Because I like to _______________ push-ups.


Mrs. Obama: You know… I don’t know. I  _______________________ some.


Ellen: ______________you? I can _________________ some.  I was just wondering


if you _____________________________ more push up that I can _____________________.


Mrs. Obama: You know. It depends on how your back is. I know you get these issues.


Ellen: No, no…….


Answer to the following questions:


Can Mrs. Obama do push ups?


How many can she do?


Can she do more or less push ups than Ellen?


How many did she do?






Transcript written by Mrs Novek  feb, 2012  For  didactic  use only.






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