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Posted by angela On November - 25 - 2012 4 Comments

In a Canadian nursing home, a group of elderly residents put together a lip-sync version of the famous song “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. 

The nursing home director who suggested to the residents to take part in the video explained to us why she chose this song. It is very popular among young people today, but even more important, it was very easy for the old folk to remember the words: “the words are easy to memorize, and the music is very catchy.”

I think she chose the song for another reason.  Do you know why?

If you return home and find your grandparents, don’t forget to give them a kiss, and pay them a little attention.




Or… “Call Them Maybe”












Alcune piccole cose che potresti fare per gli anziani che conosci:


Start noticing older people around you. Observe what they’re doing and read about their contributions to society.

Be considerate of older people’s well-being: stand when an older person needs a seat, be it on public transportation, in a waiting room or anywhere else.

Do not shout at an elderly person assuming that he or she is deaf or stupid.

If driving an elderly person somewhere, help them in and out of the car.

 Show respect through manners. For example: acknowledge older people when you are having conversations.

Talk directly to them, not around them.

Share memories.

When was the last time you sat down with someone two or more generations before yours and had a really good talk?

Ask them about their memories, their impressions of how the world has changed (and hasn’t).

Talk about where you live now and how it has changed.

Talk about places both of you have been to in the world. What did those places mean to this person? Do you have the same feelings?

Discuss different music tastes: ask what they think about the development of music and about today’s styles

 Ask about clothes they used to wear and how things have changed.  Ask them about their honest opinions on what people should and shouldn’t wear and why.

Use the photos to initiate any number of amazing discussions about the past, the present and the future

They have amazing things to teach you.

Be a teacher too. For example: Spend time teaching them how to use the computer and Internet. Show them how to use Facebook.

Find ways to help older people to stay connected with younger generations too, by giving them opportunities to participate.












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Other articles to read:


When I saw the video I thought of this phrase:

‘When you head home, find your children. Hug and kiss your children and tell them: ‘This is the hug and kiss of the Pope.’ And when you find them with tears to dry, give them a good word. Give anyone who suffers a word of comfort. Tell them ‘The Pope is with us especially in our times of sadness and bitterness.’

Can you tell me who said it? And on what occasion?  






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4 Responses

  1. Elisa b says:

    Io credo sia stata un’iniziativa differente dalle solite e credo anche molto buona che non solo fara’ raccogliere fondi ma ha anche fatto divertire anche se per poco molti anziani.

  2. Cristina R. says:

    Per me è stata un’ idea molto divertente, facendo fare a questi anziani qualcosa di creativo e diverso dal solito, anche se alcuni di loro sembra annoiati.
    E’ stata una buona iniziativa anche per farli uscire dalla loro vita di sempre, facendoli assaporare qualcosa del mondo dei giovani

  3. Davide M. says:

    Questo video è, a dir poco, geniale! Una buona idea per raccogliere fondi per la casa di riposo.
    L’unico dubbio che mi viene da porre è che sembra che alcuni anziani siano stati obbligati a partecipare! (spero non sia così).
    Altri invece sembravano divertiti!

    • angela says:

      Anche io mi ero posta la stessa domanda, ma poi riguardando il video ho capito che alcuni anziani erano preoccupati perchè avevano il timore di non ricordare la frase. Infatti hanno il foglietto in mano.

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