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Posted by angela On October - 8 - 2011 0 Comment

It’s 8:30 in the morning, and I’m on the train to Venice.  I just read about the death of Steve Jobs on my iPhone; then I scanned the front page of Repubblica online; after that, I checked an article by Stanley Fish in the NY Times about which I had posted a comment; finally, I read an article by Luca Dini in Vanity Fair, and I posted a brief comment.  I almost forgot: I also checked my e-mail, took a brief look at my Facebook page, and called my mother.  Now I’m writing this post on my iPhone, and I’ll publish it in a few moments.  All this during my 45-minute train ride from Vicenza to Venice.

In a few minutes, I’ll be busy with my daily routine, but thanks to Steve Jobs, I’m fully connected to the world, and I feel 10 years ahead of everyone else on this train.  These two ladies seated in front of me have spoken about their kids and their supermarkets since I boarded the train.

Should I tell these two that my first computer was the legendary MAC 512?  I bought one in 1986, convinced, no, positively bewitched by the enthusiasm shown by my friend Alice, the college librarian at Duke University, who lived for the Internet and for Opera.  Nothing else mattered to her.

OK, so I’ll tell the ladies.  Hold on, my iPhone’s ringing; let me answer this call, and then I’ll tell them.  “Hello, hello. . . oh, hi Darling!. . . what, the fridge is empty?  Just as your mother will arrive from New York?  And Nicolò is in Verona on a school trip?  So where were all these updates when I really needed them?


Text by Angela Migliorati Novek ©2011- all rights reserved
first published in Italian 6 Oct 2011

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