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While I was at the women and children shelter with Ariel and Ryan the other day, I saw this sign.  It is aimed at helping mothers who feel helpless in caring for their child.  It was posted in the hallway of the shelter we were at.  I think this is a really good resource–some mothers really do feel helpless when they give birth to a child and have few resources.  Many of them feel like they have nowhere to turn–regardless of why they feel this way I think it’s important to recognize that this resource will save alot of babies’ lives. I also wanted to comment on my time at the shelter.  I was first of all really glad that Ariel and Ryan decided to join me–not only do would have not been able to do it myself, but I also think that it was a side of Italy that we haven’t gotten to see yet.  The shelter helps immigrant women–at least two if they have babies, and single women in general.  It is run by a warm and clearly dedicated couple who are neighbors of Janet.  From what I could get of her Italian, these women are able to stay at the shelter for three months–if after the three months, it is determined that the woman is still in an unstable situation, they will extend the stay.  Also, we learned that the shelter is in its 10th year of operation.  The shelter is housed in a church, and everyone there was very welcoming and you could really feel a sense of community.  Being there really mirrored for me the shelter I used to work at in Seattle.  It was the best experience I’ve had on this trip so far.

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